Welcome to my mp3 section! This section is more of a time capsule at this point, You can still get a sense of my various musical personalities by clicking on the style you would like to hear and then on the mp3 button to the right to hear your selection. Please note that each sample is only 1 minute long. Visit my bandcamp page here for my more recent music. You can also listen to my music by clicking on the "scores" button to the left. -Tom Swafford

Jazz "Fables of Faubus" (Charles Mingus) Violin, Arranger String Power
Tea Lounge, Brooklyn
Jazz "HarpSpenceSwaf" Violin Geoff Harper, bass;
John Spencer, drums
Jazz "Post Hug II" Violin The Golden Crackers: Tom, violin; Matt Crane, drums 2005
Jazz "Nature Boy" Violin and Piano Tom Swafford 2007

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